7 Color Photon Therapy Face Mask

This facial mask has seven different colors that each have a purpose.

Red: Infrared light that is able to get deep into the tissue. Red light will help create more cell energy while increasing DNA & RNA activity. It helps with aging and sun damaged skin, rosacea and other skin conditions. 

Blue: Diminishes and eliminated acne bacilis to remove acne, also helps tighten skin.

Green: Helps to normalize sebaceous glands, reduces blackheads, helps heal sores and balance the oil vs. moisture production. This is very effective for a sebaceous cysts. Reduces hyper-pigmentation.  

Purple: Reduces wrinkles, stimulated additional lymphatic drainage and increases cell regeneration. 

Orange/Yellow: Stimulates additional lymphatic drainage and increases cell regeneration,.

Cyan: Anti-inflammatory agent for the skin, reduces swollen capillaries and helps reduce stress. 

White: Effective in treading wounds, acne, rosacea, wrinkles, regulates mood, helps insomnia and helps the absorption of nutrients into the dermis levels of the skin. 

$20 for 20 minute session

-package prices available 

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