"Bonnie has changed our life for the better in so many ways. I am so happy we chose to go to her for help. My boyfriend was continuously getting worse and worse before I convinced him to go to Bonnie and see if she could help him and he agreed as he had nothing to lose at that point. Over the past 2 1/2 weeks he has progressively gotten better, and is feeling better then he has in a very very long time and can actually start to enjoy life again and look forward to his future! Thank you so much Bonnie for everything! I definitely recommend Bonnie to everyone, even if you are a skeptic give it a try you have nothing to lose."

- Paula Skyrm

"The name speaks for itself!!! One of the most divinely, amazing, freeing, uplifting, healing place I have ever encountered!!! I need my own personal plane so I can fly here every 2 weeks! The Rheki Crystal reading is one of the things I had done and I must say, JENNIFER TOTALLY BLESSED MY BEING!!!! Oh my goodness, if you get a chance to come to this BEAUTIFUL establishment, make sure you take time out to partake in this reading!" 


-Crystal Copeland

"I’ve had Reiki & Kinesiology done before, but there was something so different about my experience 3 weeks ago at Divine Healing. The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. Bonnie, Chris, and Missy all took the time to explain the paperwork, procedure, and the shop. After the most powerful Reiki session I’ve ever had, Bonnie assisted me in finding the perfect oils I needed. I’ve been using them everyday since and I’m sleeping so much more soundly and am feeling better about myself in general. Can’t wait until my next session!!!"

- Lyndsey Wade

"Wow! Words can’t even describe how wonderful Bonnie is. From the moment I spoke to her I have felt this instant connection that is forever growing. Bonnie has helped me in so many ways and I feel myself becoming stronger. Our readings leave me with chills and goosebumps. Words can not truly explain the magic of Bonnie and her abilities. I would recommend anyone to speak to her. It is truly amazing and worth every cent and second."

-Ali Wilczak

"Bonnie is such and sweet and caring soul. I highly recommend visiting her! I’ve enjoyed her readings and Reiki. The store has so many beautiful and useful things- can’t wait to go back."

-Stacie Ann Fassett

"The atmosphere here is relaxing and rejuvenating! The staff is warm and incredibly friendly. Most importantly, Bonnie is knowledgeable and caring. She offers a vast array of services and has an immense amount of knowledge in each service and product that she provides. Furthermore, she is spot on with everything she says! If you haven't already, you NEED to check this place out. It'll be the best

thing you do!"

- Jenni Purifoy

"Bonnie's amazing. She is aware of things that no one else could possibly know!! Divine Healing is a place of peace and love. Bonnie has a gift to heal and change the lives of those who enter."

- Rachael Williamson

Thank you to all our wonderful clients for all your kind  words. May you go forth with many blessings from Divine Healing. 

God Bless!