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Soak your feet in a warm salt water solution while the ionizer works on pulling unhealthy substances and toxins from the pores in your feet, while enjoying a massages from your neck to lower back.

An angel reading involves God and Angels. This is NOT the same as a tarot card reading. An angel reading uses God’s energy from the Holy Spirit to give you strict guidance.

Sit with a red light therapy hair helmet on for a 20 minute sessions that with help stimulate new hair growth beneath the follicle.

Receive  a therapeutic light therapy that gives you all of the effects needed for Vitamin D deficiency. Can help seasonal attention disorder, depression and anxiety.

Essential oils of lavender and rosemary added to paraffin wax then used to submerge painful body parts with layers very warm scented wax.

Very safe therapy to use on back pain, rosacea, wrinkles, dark spots, acne, pleurisy, and any inflammation.

Relax on a massage table relaxed with your eyes closed while the practitioner works with a higher intensity of healing energy.

Therapists will show and test you using your own bodies knowingness through Muscle testing, very easy to detect deficiencies trusting in our bodies internal keys.

$15 per session 

Hand cradle device that records biosensors in the body. This device will print a report and give the therapist the information needed to start the session.

A session where a therapist will use a scan to help give recommendations for further medical assistance. 

You are pampered with the essential oil aromatherapy diffusing in the water, while the tub jets massage your feet.

Different types of crystals and stones are used on the body with or without a  Reiki session,They are used to create a stronger vibration that will in return help heal the body in a multitude of ways.

Lay on a massage table mat to increase blood circulation and serotonin, decrease anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia, lymphatic drainage, swelling, and inflammation.

Electronic device you insert your feet into and receive a massage from your toes to your ankles.

The mask will help heal many different skin ailments like scarring, pigment uses, rosacea, wrinkles, age spots, acne, bacterial infections, lymphatic drainage, puffiness or darkness under eyes, etc..

Therapist will use their hands to apply pressure to acupoints on the hand. 

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