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Soak your feet in a warm salt water solution while the ionizer works on pulling unhealthy substances and toxins from the pores in your feet, while enjoying a massages from your neck to lower back.


 A guided card reading with multiple oracle decks to give guidance, messages from Heaven, directions, and questions can be asked. Photos can be brought in to get knowledge of wellness or advice. Very enlightening experience.


Sit with a red light therapy hair helmet on for a 20 minute sessions that with help stimulate new hair growth beneath the follicle.


Receive  a therapeutic light therapy that gives you all of the effects needed for Vitamin D deficiency. Can help seasonal attention disorder, depression and anxiety.


Essential oils of lavender and rosemary added to paraffin wax then used to submerge painful body parts with layers very warm scented wax.


Very safe therapy to use on back pain, rosacea, wrinkles, dark spots, acne, pleurisy, and any inflammation.


Relax on a massage table relaxed with your eyes closed while the practitioner works with a higher intensity of healing energy.


Therapists will show and test you using your own bodies knowingness through Muscle testing, very easy to detect deficiencies trusting in our bodies internal keys.

$15 per session 


Hand cradle device that records biosensors in the body. This device will print a report and give the therapist the information needed to start the session.


A session where a therapist will use a scan to help give recommendations for further medical assistance. 


Sitting in a massage chair with feet in a circulation jet tub adding just a few drops of essential oils for overall relaxation.

$25 per session.


Different types of crystals and stones are used on the body with or without a  Reiki session,They are used to create a stronger vibration that will in return help heal the body in a multitude of ways.


Lay on a massage table mat to increase blood circulation and serotonin, decrease anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia, lymphatic drainage, swelling, and inflammation.


Your feet will be put into a machine that massages / pulsates /kneads on pressure points/ tendons, muscles plus heat, red light therapy. Aids in relaxing strains, sore feet, circulation, spurs, plantar fasciitis.

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The mask will help heal many different skin ailments like scarring, pigment uses, rosacea, wrinkles, age spots, acne, bacterial infections, lymphatic drainage, puffiness or darkness under eyes, etc..


Therapist will use their hands to apply pressure to acupoints on the hand. 


Machine hooks up to your wristbands, once it is done analyzing the aura and chakras, it moves into evaluating lower energy points that are causing health issues. 

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Hypnotic state that can allow you to visualize your past life and understand any issues that have carried forth into this life. You can revisit many past lives in one session, varies per individual.

$150 per session



Weight loss, behavior issues, pain evaluation/control, love issues and to quit smoking 

$65 per 30 minute session 

$120 per hour session 


Descriptive information about chakras, emotions, unresolved emotions, percentages of Auric field and chakras with a colored picture.

$40 per session

Teacup leaves ancient reading

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A reading done with sipping from a tea cup and interpreted by where the leaves remain in the cup.

$65 per session

Messages from Heaven

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Individuals $100 

Family (up to four) $175 per hour


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