Serenity Foot Soak

Divine Healing’s Serenity Foot Soak’s are perfect for those who just want to simply relax and de-stress from the day.

Relax in a massage chair while soaking your feet in water infused with essential oils. Let the chair massage your neck and back while the jets in the water massage your feet, all the while enjoying the benefits of the oils through your skin and aromatherapy.

We have four oils to choose from: Rose, Calming, Tranquility & Marjoram.

ROSE OIL: helps balance female energy and hormones.

CALMING OIL: helps with your emotional overload and stress.

TRANQUILITY OIL: helps with relaxation.

MARJORAM OIL: helps with pain and muscle tension.


 $25 for 30 minutes

Call: (989) 759-9601 to make your appointment