About the Owners


Pat and Bonnie Bunnell 

It has been a long-time dream of mine to open a store that uses energy and therapies to heal the mind, body and soul. After spending a total of 22 years in the medical field, it was my dream to offer healing at a different level.

I have witnessed people in the medical field that have been given medication that their bodies did not react positively to, and it was because their mind, body and soul were not in the correct place for healing.

God has blessed me with the gift of being a spiritual healer. I was meant to turn my teaching abilities into natural therapies and help people gain religious factors along with natural remedies. I believe that God had a bigger purpose for me that took awhile for me to figure out. Now I am guided into prophecy work and energy work and the desire to teach in all different directions is so strong.

I met Pat in 2005. We both had unresolved healing in our lives and we firmly believe we were brought together to bring this awareness to others that struggle in marriage, health, mental illness, disease and grief.

We believe that there is no place to pass judgement in our facility. We believe all God’s children are created equal and that we cross each other’s paths for a reason. Everybody’s healing is entirely different. No two people have the same results.

We have a very strong faith in God and it is through God that we are able to assist in His healing of my clients based on their needs. He allows me to talk to Heavenly spirits to manifest their healing which allows them to gain closure that is needed. Ministers have told me that I work in discernment of individuals and I acknowledge that I have the vision to see angels and limited future.

The only way that I could even possibly justify this gift is knowing that I have to give all the glory to God, for He is the true owner of this business of healing and He has asked my husband and I to run it effectively in his name.

In tapping into the mind of someone who’s still alive but suffering from illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, I can communicate with them at a level to allow their family to know their needs and to make sure that they are comfortable. I have carried my energy now into also working with animals and helping them with behavioral issues or trauma that was in their lives.

My husband and I are branching out with our staff. I have chosen reputable staff with God-given abilities that they are manifesting until they are comfortable with their talents so they may share them with the world as well.

Classes will also be scheduled so that we can help others to manifest their God-given talents. Some of our ideas are to have classes teaching about sexual trafficking awareness, how to live with somebody recovering from addictions, how to find your true self, how to pray correctly and listen to the Angels, how to meditate and relax, how to love yourself and lastly how to naturally alleviate PTSD, anxiety, depression, ADHD and self-awareness.

Although I am taking a route to change into eastern medicine, my husband and I firmly believe that not everything can be healed naturally and that physicians are a vital part in keeping track of your progress and making sure you are on the correct path. We welcome you to take any documentations needed for goals or struggles and share that with your physician to assist you in the best possible outcome and vice/versa.

In the near future, we also hope to bring to our business: shamanic healings, EFT tapping (which is used for aggression), behavior and bipolar anger management PTSD, hypnotherapy and massage therapy.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a little bit about us and we hope to see you here at Divine Healing soon! Let us rejuvenate your soul! Have a blessed day.