Angel Readings

An angel reading involves God and Angels. This is NOT the same as a tarot card reading. An angel reading uses God’s energy from the Holy Spirit to give you strict guidance.

The session begins with an aura cleanse to remove any unwanted energies or negativity around the client. Next depends on the time frame for drawing angel cards. The amount of cards drawn depends on the time frame chosen for your session (usually between 2 and 7 cards are drawn).

Angel cards are a guided deck that mostly talks about God and the Angels, giving you guidance and understanding of what you need to work on to have a perfect balance in your life.

After the cards are read, understood and notes are taken, we move on to open questions. In this time frame, questions can be asked about a certain individual or even a photograph where the eyes can be read and predict health, behaviors and give guidance. Generally, if the person is in need of being healed, a spirit can give information or messages from the Heavens to pass onto the client in detail.

30 minutes individual readings


60 minute individual readings 


60 minute couple readings


Family (up to 4)

$175 per hour

Call: (989) 759-9601 to make your appointment